About Us

Hi and thanks for dropping by! What's our story?

Well the short of it is...

The 84th Hour is a graphic design house focusing on custom event and wedding stationery, signage and details. We are located in beautiful Los Angeles, California and offer shipping across the US.

The long of it is...

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I choose to continue to live and work here not only because I've called it home for so long, but also because it's a major part of my heart -- I love this city! I have been a graphic designer for over 12 years and have worked in different divisions but when I began designing for events and weddings, I knew I had found my special place.

Aside from doing what I love for a living, a snapshot of my life today would include my incredible husband who is right there by my side and whom I consider the other half of the "we" that the company is comprised of. He occasionally helps me execute my vision as my engineer, welder, carpenter and whatever else the project needs that is out of my wheelhouse, haha. Our best creation? That's easy -- our daughter, who has now entered toddlerhood.

It has been amazing to see the brand grow with us. We take a lot of pride in what we produce and we want to only get better. So please join us on this journey, because in our opinion graphic design and the branding of your event is one of the best parts of the planning process. It creates your event's first impression, sets the tone and gets the guests excited and anticipating your big day! I truly believe that the beauty is in the details.

Cheers to the planning of what is sure to become an amazing memory within your lifetime. I look forward to working with you. Let's make something beautiful!